New Website

Welcome to the new Hallett Arendt website. Well it was about time wasn’t it. Since the launch of our previous website, about 4 years ago, we have been beavering away on new products ¬†and adding new features to existing ones. As a result the website got a bit neglected. We hope you like what we have done. The new website has a ton of new features that give you lots more information and greater flexibility over your user account.

For those technically minded we took a bootstrap template, this one, applied some MVC magic, bolted on the wordpress back end and hey presto we have new website. OK it wasn’t quite that easy we have spent a lot of time customising each of those elements to meet our specific needs. Our new recruit Ryan has done a lot of that work, especially in migrating over data from the previous website to the new one. The next stage will be to fully integrate our existing products so we have a consistent look and feel.

We hope you like it, please feedback any views to myself or John.

by David Madelin on Thu 26th February 2015