ECR – Electronic Comparative Report gives our clients instant access to all the data contained in the RAJAR tables within an hour or so of the data being released. This includes a 34 page trend report which provides all the information needed to compile press releases and alert you to significant changes in listening behaviour for your station and the market as a whole.

ECR software allows clients to explore each table in comparative form – sweep on sweep or year on year. The data can be examined using the standard breaks provided in the tables, or for any combination of these (saving hours of calculating time). What’s more, the data can also be instantly graphed for printing or use in Word, PowerPoint.
Hallett Arendt currently delivers more than 170 individual reports using our ECR software, allowing our clients to get to grips with the figures that matter, even sooner. For more information or if you would like a demonstration, please contact John Shorter