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Hallett Arendt, created in 1986 is now recognised as one of the UK’s leading radio marketing and research agencies. It is at the forefront of developing software to enable stations to interrogate RAJAR audience data from the comfort of their own PC’s/laptops. The company also lead the field in devising a wide range of research techniques from AMTs to tracking research studies and is now operating Listener Check. Listener Check and our Music Testing facility are both online survey systems which can be managed by the stations themselves or with the help of the highly experienced team at Hallett Arendt.

Hallett Arendt also runs Training Days for both programming and sales staff, helping them extract and exploit all they can from your RAJAR survey. It is a rich source of information about your radio marketplace and is often under-utilised by radio stations.

We can also provide valuable insights for anyone interested in the radio industry including investors, advertisers, advertising agencies and those involved in promotion and sponsorship.

All Hallett Arendt executives have proven track records in radio. We pride ourselves on a high level of repeat business and our loyal client base. We work with a wide range of radio stations around the country and our aim is always to provide a service which, whilst out of the house feels very much “in house”.

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