Octagon Crosstab

The Swiss army knife of RAJAR analysis, simple to use yet extremely powerful.

Octagon Lite

A RAJAR analysis tool which is menu driven for simple navigation.

RAJAR Dashboard

Takes your RAJAR tables and with a few clicks of the mouse translates them into charts or tables.

Music Testing

From weekly music testing to full blown library tests, our system works as well on mobiles and tablets as it does on a desktop.

Listener Check

An online survey system tailored for radio stations. Perfect for Audience Tracking or those one off surveys.

League Tables

Which demographics are you top station in? Check it out here.

The Hallett Arendt Comparative Report

Do you get your copy following every RAJAR release? Make sure you are on our contact list.

Rajar Training for Sales and Programming Staff

RAJAR is a rich source of information are your sales and programming staff getting all they can from it?