Music Testing

Hallett Arendt’s Music Testing research helps radio stations discover exactly what songs their listeners want to hear, and perhaps just as importantly, what they don’t want to hear! It couldn’t be easier. All you do is send us clips of the tracks you want to test and we do the rest. It is Internet based so respondents listen to your music in their time and at leisure. Costs can be kept to a minimum.

We have built a platform that works as well on a mobile device, phone or tablet, as it does on a desktop PC. Mobile completion of the survey is important as it allows respondents to react more naturally and is where most people consume the internet.

Our system will collate the opinions of your listeners. Your results are made available to you on-line, so that you can manipulate the results to explore your listeners views in depth.
Results are shown by gender, age and survey period, if you decide to test a song for a number of weeks it is then possible to see how its ‘likeability’ score changes over time.
If you would like more information or a demonstration, please contact Andy Mouldtcliff